About Us

Allison Peddy


Rachel Christopher

Assistant Director

The Sapphires Dance Team is a competitive dance team that is proud to represent Seven Lakes High School.
‚ÄčAuditions for the dance team are held every fall, usually in November or December.
For questions regarding auditions for the team, please click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Dance Officers

Colonel: Caroline Chapman
Lieutenant Colonel: Marissa Levin
Lieutenant: Cailyn Janda
Lieutenant: Gwen Peacock
Lieutenant: Jaidyn Poole

Social Officers

President: Rebeca Delgado
Vice President: Peyton Porter
Secretary: Luci Gonzales
Treasurer/ Spirit Leader: Kelly Kos
Historian: Natalie Reese
New Member Coordinator: Allie Segarra

Team Members

Andrea Arevalo
Annabelle Austin
Alice Bao
Bree Burke
Valeria Castro
Caroline Chapman
Luiza Charles
Cassie Cleckler
Heliandra Coche
Emma Coultas
Julianna Curz
Rebeca Delgado
Alessandra Diaz
Luci Gonzales
Cailyn Janda
Kelly Kos
Marissa Levin
Jordan Lucas
Avery Merritt
Karolina Mika
Olivia Owen
Gwen Peacock
Jaidyn Poole
Peyton Porter
Raiana Ramos
Natalie Reese
Carly Rodgers
Ella Samuels
Allie Segarra
Brooklyn Shepherd
Brooklyn Taggart
Sofia Vidal
Brooke White
Rory Wilkerson
Callie Wilkie
Kathy Zhang
Ivana Zuleta